Engineering is responsible for the design, review, and inspection of the construction of Village infrastructure, development projects on private property, and the enforcement of the stormwater, floodplain, sedimentation and erosion control regulations.

Engineering Permits

Engineering works within the Development Services Department regarding site issues for most engineering permits. These items include grading and drainage utilities, parking lots and driveway construction, erosion control, and other miscellaneous items. The Village's Public Works Construction Standards contains detailed information regarding standards for various construction issues. Section 8 of those standards contains general instructions for engineering permits.

Capital Improvement Program

Engineering works along side the Public Works Department to develop the long-term Capital Improvement Program for the village water system, and facilities. This program is reflected in the Village's five-year financial plan and annual budget. Most construction projects, whether they are village projects or development projects, are either managed or coordinated by Engineering within the Development Services Department.

Village Projects

  • Bike or pedestrian ways
  • Drainage
  • Pavement crack sealing
  • Pavement rejuvenation
  • Paving
  • Right-of-way improvements
  • Street lights
  • Traffic signals
  • Water system improvements

Development Projects

Development projects pertain to subdivisions. Projects of other agencies, such as DuPage County or the State of Illinois Tollway, are also coordinated by Engineering. The village's Geographic Information System (GIS) is used to document infrastructure and stormwater management. Many of the digital map products can be located on the Village website.