General Information


Engineering is responsible for the design, review, and inspection of construction of Village infrastructure projects and development projects. Engineering is within the Development Service Department located in the west half of the Butler Government Center Village Hall at 1200 Oak Brook Road (31st Street) just East of Jorie Boulevard.

Site Issues

Engineering coordinates with Building regarding site issues for most engineering permits. These items include grades and drainage, parking lots and driveway construction, erosion control, and other miscellaneous items. The Village's Public Works Construction Standards contain detailed information regarding standards for various construction issues. Section 8 of those standards contains general instructions for engineering permits. Public Works Regulations


The Village of Oak Brook is a member of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consortium, a cooperative of 18 local communities utilizing cost-effective solutions for geographic information systems (GIS) and related technologies. GIS is commonly used by Village staff for daily operations and long-term planning. Residents can access the online mapping application to search for property information, zoning, school districts, County Assessor data and voting districts located on our Village website. The application also provides up-to-date high-resolution aerial photography and elevation data.

Ten Year Plan

Engineering works with other Village departments to generate a 10-Year Roadway Maintenance Plan which lists every Village-maintained street and the major maintenance activities planned for the next 10 years. This information is then placed within the Village's five-year Financial Plan and Annual Budget.

Construction Projects

Most construction projects are either managed or coordinated in engineering and include village projects (such as paving, pavement crack sealing, pavement rejuvenation, drainage, bike/pedestrian ways, traffic signals, street lights, and water system improvements) and development projects (such as subdivisions). Projects of other agencies, such as DuPage County, the State, or Tollway, are coordinated.