Village of Oak Brook Mission Statement

The mission of the Village of Oak Brook is to provide the community with excellent local government services that meet the needs of its citizens and are delivered in a professional, responsive and responsible manner.

To achieve this mission, the Village will:

  • Strive to deliver high-quality municipal services in a cost-effective and fiscally responsible manner; with courtesy, integrity and fairness; and with a view toward the good of the entire community as well as the individual resident or corporate citizen.
  • Continually evaluate the content and quality of Village programs and services.
  • Engage in ongoing planning and development efforts designed to preserve and enhance the value of property in the Village.
  • Consult with and involve Oak Brook citizens in the Village's decision-making processes through both formal and informal means including hearings, meetings, surveys, advisory boards and commissions, task forces and committees.
  • Seek to develop a Village staff that emulates, through its values and performance, this mission and its tenets.

Village President and Board of Trustees