CALEA Accreditation

During the weekend of November 15, 2013, Chief James R. Kruger Jr. and Officer George Peterson attended the CALEA Conference in North Carolina. On Saturday, Chief Kruger and Officer Peterson testified in front of the Accreditation Review Committee and were approved for recommendation to the full Commission. Later that evening, the full Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies awarded the Department Full Accreditation status for the next three years.
20131116-CALEA Conf.jpg
The primary purpose of CALEA is to improve law enforcement service by creating a national body of over 400 standards developed by law enforcement professionals. CALEA accreditation serves as a strong foundation to assist the Oak Brook Police Department in attaining the high level of professional service it provides to the community. In August, the on-site assessment was conducted by two CALEA assessors. The Assessor Team sent us their report on October 21, 2013 and stated “After a thorough assessment, supplemented by interviews with citizens, agency members and others, the team found the Oak Brook Police Department to be a capable and well-managed law enforcement agency dedicated to service and improving the quality of life in the community.” The Assessors also stated that Officer George Peterson displayed an excellent command of accreditation matters and Chief James Kruger and the command staff are also knowledgeable in accreditation matters and showed that they have extremely competent personnel in the agency. To review the entire Assessment Report, please click here.