Citizen Police Academy

The CPA Normally Runs Each Fall

Download CPA Application (PDF).

The Citizen Police Academy (CPA) is part of the Oak Brook Police Department's Community Oriented Policing initiative, designed to reduce and prevent crime, improve communication, and maintain a partnership within our community. This ten-week program affords participants a working knowledge of practices, policies, and procedures of the Oak Brook Police Department. Instructors are certified police officers, supervisors and other department personnel with expertise in various areas. Areas of instruction include:

  • Support Services and Community Programs
  • Illinois Vehicle Code
  • DUI
  • Criminal Law
  • Case Law
  • Evidence Collection
  • SWAT
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Traffic Stops

Additionally, each graduate is eligible to join Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS).


Our goal is to create a better understanding, communication and partnership between the citizens and the police through education, in order to establish a safer community.


When residents take a more personal interest in their city and the protection of their community and neighborhoods, they enjoy a safer and closer relationship with their neighbors. Upon completion of the course, graduates receive a diploma, and a class photo.


Community Oriented Policing plays an important and vital role in reducing crime in any community. Therefore the Oak Brook Police Department instituted the Citizen Police Academy, to improve communication and obtain input and support throughout the city. It is our hope that the graduates become partners with us in identifying problems and solutions to the crime issues that are affecting our community. Graduates take their knowledge back into their neighborhoods where they can use it to enhance the quality of neighborhood life.

For details and application, view the Citizen Police Academy Flyer (PDF) or contact a Support Services Officer at (630) 368-8734.

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