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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing data and events for the Village of Oak Brook.

The Village of Oak Brook is a member of the GIS Consortium which is an organization of 34 Chicago-area communities unified by common goals to share resources, information, staffing, and technology so that municipalities can optimize the value of geographic information systems (GIS). GIS continues to help our Village government automate and improve traditional business processes, from mapping incidents to supporting infrastructure systems and projects.

The property search box below allows Village residents to view property information including PINs (parcel identification numbers), addresses, school districts, zoning and more. The goal of the GIS system is to maintain and make updates to a comprehensive spatial database capable of serving the needs of Village residents. GIS also gives our Village government the resources needed to support and maintain the Village infrastructure and to provide improved services to our residents, businesses, and visitors.


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