Sales Tax Rate in Oak Brook

The sales tax rate in Oak Brook is 7.50%. The Village receives 1.50% of the 7.50%. The breakdown of the 7.50% rate is as follows:

5.00%State of Illinois
1.50%Village Share
0.75%Regional Transportation Authority
0.25%DuPage County

Local Taxes:

  • Electricity Tax 5.00% with 10 rate tiers
  • Natural Gas Utility Tax 5.00%
  • Oak Brook (Cook) 10.25%
  • Oak Brook (DuPage) 7.50%
  • Property Tax Levy $0
  • Telecommunications 6.00%

Money Disbursement 

Of the revenue received from the 1.50% share of the Retailers Occupation Tax, 1.00% is used for general operations of the Village for the funding of police, fire protection, public works programs such as forestry, library services, building and code enforcement, planning, zoning, economic development, legal services, finance, and general administration. The remaining 0.50% is used for the construction and maintenance of roadways, drainage and safety pathway Also, of note regarding sales tax, of the amounts expected from the Oak Brook Promenade Development, 20% is required to be transferred to the Promenade Special Tax Allocation Fund (T.I.F.) as per the redevelopment agreement made between the Village of Oak Brook and the T.I.F. Developers.

By shopping in Oak Brook, you help support local businesses and having no real estate tax levy in Oak Brook.

Tax Rate Finder

For additional detailed information, please visit the Illinois Tax Rate Finder to see all the taxes administered by the state.

Hotel Tax

The Village has established a 3.00% hotel tax pursuant to state law, see Hotel Occupancy Tax Return.

Accounts Payable

The Village of Oak Brook approves bills by its Board of Trustees at their regularly scheduled meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in accordance with the Illinois Prompt Payment Act (50 ILCS 505).

Electronic Vendor Payment (EZ Pay)

The village offers vendor’s to be paid electronically by having their payments deposited in an authorized checking or savings account via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Please see EZ Pay to enroll in the program.


Please see W-9 Form to request for taxpayer identification number and certification.