Alarm & Sprinkler

Obtaining & Submitting a Permit
When installing a Fire Alarm System, Sprinkler System, or Cooking Suppression System, you are required to obtain a permit from the Fire Prevention Bureau. For a Fire Alarm System a separate Electrical Permit Application (PDF) needs to be filled out and submitted. If the Fire Alarm or Sprinkler System is part of a larger construction and / or remodeling project, provide your permit number from the general contractor on the job. If you do not have one, contact the  Development Services Department at (630) 368-5101 for instructions on obtaining the required permit. Please view Requirements for Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Plan Submittals (PDF).

  • If this is the only work to be done and it is not part of a larger construction and / or remodeling project, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (630) 368-5220.
  • In both of the above situations, you will need to supply a minimum of two sets of as-built drawings and cut sheets for the work being performed. Sprinkler drawings should be accompanied by hydraulic calculations if required for the system being installed.
  • Residential fire sprinkler submissions will NOT be accepted until building plans are reviewed and a permit is issued by the Development Services Department.

Turn-Around Time

The turn-around time for the sprinkler and alarm permit process is approximately 7 to14 working days.This does not include the time needed by Development Services if this is part of a larger construction and / or remodeling project.


Once the Fire Alarm and / or Sprinkler System work is completed, an inspection of the work is required for final approval. You will need to call (630) 368-5220 to schedule the inspection. Prior to calling, please note the following:

  • A test may be scheduled Monday through Friday upon availability between the hours of 0830 and 1530. No hydrostatic tests will be scheduled after 1330. Before or after normal business hours, testing requires an additional fee.
  • Be sure to have a qualified individual available for the test to accompany the inspector (e.g. alarm or sprinkler contractor).
  • Prior to conducting the fire alarm acceptance test, the fire alarm panel will need to be taken out of service with DuComm by calling 630-690-8245. Once the testing is complete and the panel is re-secured, the alarm will need to be placed back in service. Each time be prepared to give the operator the six-digit alarm number (13D-xxx) when calling.
  • Have a Fire Alarm Equipment test report prior to any alarm inspection.
  • Have your permit number ready and the approximate square footage of the area being inspected.
  • Make sure that the management and tenants of a multiple tenant building are aware that testing will be taking place.
  • A 24-hour business days' notice is needed prior to the inspection call at (630) 368-5220.

 Additional Information

Browse through the inspection Guidelines / Checklist (PDF). If you have any questions regarding an inspection please contact them at (630) 368-5220.