General Information - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is to help answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the permit process in Oak Brook.If you still have questions after reading this general information, please contact the Development Services Department (formerly referred to as the Community Development or Building Department) Monday - Friday at (630) 368-5101 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

When is a Building Permit Required?

Check to see when a building permit is required and not required. Note: this list is not comprehensive - to be sure that a permit is or is not required, please contact the Community Development Department for verification.

Building Inspector

A Building Inspector can best answer specific code questions at (630) 368-5114 or (630) 368-5110. You can access the adopted Building Codes online. Go to the Village Code then scroll down to Title 10 for the Building Regulations. Here is the link to the Permit and Bond Fees Schedule (PDF).

  1. Building Permits Submittal Requirements

     Includes Alterations and Additions: Two sets of drawings are required; plans that are larger than 24 inch by 36 inch may not be accepted without prior approval from the Plan Reviewer, please call 630-368-5110 to confirm the acceptable size of the plans you would like to submit for review. If the job exceeds $15,000 an Illinois architect's seal is required on each page. On the plans include all building and lot square footage - dimensions and scale should be on each drawing. One set will be returned after they have been reviewed and approved. Many RESIDENTIAL homeowner associations require approval for all exterior work, which should be determined prior to submittal. COMMERCIAL Properties may require a stamp of approval PRIOR to submittal of plans. This is required for all jobs located in the Oakbrook Shopping Center as well as many other shopping areas in the Village.  

    A completed General Permit Application (PDF) listing all subcontractors. It must be signed by the property owner or agent (general contractor / architect). All appropriate information is to be filled in and must include the PIN (permanent index number), square footage, height, and cubic content. Please Note: Incomplete applications cannot be accepted and will be returned to the applicant. This includes all applications with subcontractor names and addresses. If all the information is supplied as requested, the complete permitting process generally takes between 10 - 30 working days.

    All other pertinent applications for electrical (PDF) work and plumbing (PDF) work require a separate permit application, which is to be completed and submitted with the General Permit application if required. Additional permits could include, Electric, Plumbing, Sign (PDF), Water, Engineering, etc. Do not submit separately.

    Low voltage work, phone or data systems, etc., require a separate electric application and submittal processing fee.
    Under certain circumstances, a Plat of Survey and/or Engineering Permit applications are required for some commercial and residential construction (e.g. new construction, accessory buildings, parking decks, additions, decks, exterior alterations, fencing, flood plain areas, lawn sprinklers (PDF), pools (PDF), etc. (Note: Call the Development Services Department for a determination).

  2. New Construction and Demolition Permits
    Contact the Development Services Department at (630) 368-5101 for information on these New Building Construction Application Packets. The permit for the demolition of a building can be picked up at the Development Services Department or the Demolition Permit application (PDF) can be downloaded and printed.

  3. Fees - Permit Fees - Cash Bonds: After the plan review is completed, you will be notified of the actual building permit fee and any required bonds. Checks or cash only is accepted (credit cards are NOT accepted at this time). Checks should be made payable to Village of Oak Brook. See the Fee Schedule (PDF).

  4. Fire Alarm Permits and Fire Sprinkler Permits

    Requires a separate application and fee.Applications are reviewed and issued by the Fire Prevention Bureau - General Contractors should check to determine if the extent of commercial renovations being done would require fire alarm and / or sprinkler drawings by the Fire Prevention Bureau before occupancy. (commercial only) Applications are available at the Fire Prevention Bureau, (630) 368-5220.

  5. Inspections (Structure / Electrical / Concrete) Inspections are done on a daily basis and must be requested at least one day before the date of the inspection.Inspections are scheduled by calling (630) 368-5101 during regular department hours (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday) - Voice Mail requests are not accepted. Specific times for inspections are not given. To request an inspection, you will need to know both the address and the permit number of the job. Inspectors set the time for their own schedule on the morning of inspections. If you need to meet the inspector at the site, or if timing is critical to your job, you will need to call the inspector on the morning of your inspection at (630) 368-5114 (Dave) or (630) 368-5112 (Joe). These calls are taken between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. only. On occasion, due to the volume of inspections, scheduling desired times are not always possible.

    Plumbing Inspections are done on Tuesdays and Thursday only and are usually between the hours of 9:00 - 2 p.m. These can be scheduled the same day, if the request is received before 8:30 a.m. and dependent upon the number of inspections that have been scheduled. If a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, inspections would be on way day during that week. The morning of the inspection contact the plumbing inspector at (630) 368-5124 to schedule a time Note that calls are taken between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. only. On occasion, due to the volume of inspections, scheduling desired times are not always possible.

    Stocking / Final inspections are required before stock can be delivered and before tenants / residents occupy the space or structure in ANY manner. These inspections may require the posting of a cash bond by the tenant or property owner. Call for specific information at least one week prior to scheduling these inspections. This also includes Fire Prevention inspections when applicable and are scheduled through the Fire Prevention Bureau at (630) 368-5220.