Scavenger Licenses

Scavenger Licenses
 Title 4, Chapter 3, Scavengers, from the Village Code of Oak Brook will assist in the completion of a scavenger license application, please read the license application guidelines in this chapter. The Village Board must approve all scavenger/solid waste hauler licenses.

Complete the application (PDF) and submit the following documents to Kathy Vonachen, Deputy Clerk, 1200 Oak Brook Road, Oak Brook, IL 60523:

  • License Application Form
  • Application fee of $1,000
  • A List of Scavenger Vehicles by License Number, VIN Number, Make & Model
  • Performance Bond - Section 4-3-8, Scavenger Service Standards and Specifications, explains the bond requirements:
    1. Commercial - $5,000
    2. Residential - 100% of the Residential Municipal Waste Collection Contract
  • Certificate of Insurance - Section 4-3-8 explains the insurance requirements
If you have any questions in regard to our scavenger procedures, please contact the Village Clerk's office, (630) 368-5026, if you require any assistance with completion of the application.

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