Scavenger Licenses

Scavenger Licenses
 Title 4, Chapter 3, Scavengers, from the Village Code of Oak Brook will assist in the completion of a scavenger license application, please read the license application guidelines in this chapter. The Village Board must approve all scavenger/solid waste hauler licenses.

Required Items:

  • Application fee of $1,000
  • List of Scavenger Vehicles by License Number, VIN Number, Make & Model
  • Certificate of Insurance – Section 4-3-8, Scavenger Service Standards and Specifications, explains the insurance requirements
  • Performance Bond - Section 4-3-8, Scavenger Service Standards and Specifications, explains the bond requirements:
    1. Commercial - $5,000
    2. Residential - 100% of the Residential Municipal Waste Collection Contract

To better serve our business community the Village of Oak Brook has automated the Scavenger Licensing process. Beginning September 21, 2023, all New and Renewal Scavenger Licenses will be done online.

The first time you access our partner website you will be asked to Create an OpenGov ID. Your establishment’s license history will be attached to that ID and will be used for each subsequent renewal and for updating any information. We suggest creating a generic ID that can be used by multiple designees.

Access to our online Scavenger Licensing process system is available here.

Please contact the Village Clerk’s office at (630) 368-5038 if you require any assistance with the scavenger license application process or please email your inquiry to