Online Payments for Citations

Parking citations, Local Ordinance Citations and Compliance Citations may be paid by credit card online at Violations Payment or cash in person at the Oak Brook Police Department located at 1200 Oak Brook Road, Oak Brook, Illinois. Checks are not accepted and payment is not accepted by mail.

The fine for all parking violations, with the exception of Handicapped Parking, is set by Village Ordinance at $50. However, the Village Ordinance does provide for a period in which the fine may be satisfied at a discounted rate of $25. The discounted rate is applicable for ten (10) days from the date in which the citation is issued. The amount of the fine due reverts to the issued amount of $50 if it is not paid within ten (10) days from the date of issue. If you fail to satisfy your fine, you will be required to appear before the Administrative Hearing Officer on the date and time listed on the parking ticket. If you wish to contest the violation, you must do so in person at the Administrative Adjudication Hearing at the date and time listed on the parking ticket.